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Quake 3 SymbolThe original Quake game was released in June of 1996. The series have developed and grown a lot since then. There were two mission packs released for the first game. Quake II also had two mission packs. The last Quake game was Quake 4 released in 2005. I’m hoping they will release a Quake 5 someday. Wikipedia has a page about the Quake Series here.

Quake 3 Arena and eSports

Quake 3 Arena may have been the most successful of the series. It had a big focus on multiplayer. They didn’t do a single player campaign in Quake 3. It just had a single player mode where you fought against bots. Strafe jumping and rocket jumping mechanics really helped make the multiplayer modes competitive. Quake 3 saw a lot of action in eSports. There were big tournaments like QuakeCon, Electronic Sports World Cup, and Cyberathlete Professional Leagues.

You may have heard of a little developer company by the name of id Software. They are the creator of the Quake Series. They are also behind the Doom series, which by the way a new Doom game is on its way. These are first person shooters but Quake is especially known for its intense multiplayer deathmatches. Some people attribute Quake to being one of the first eSport games because there was a lot of Quake tournaments back in the day.

Quake is now a free to play game. You can easily join matches in seconds after registering. Check out www.quakelive.com to get in on the action. I’ve played Quake live more than I care to admit. It is really fun the action is fast paced compared to a game like Counterstrike where there is a lot of wait time.

About Quake

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