id Software’s Other Games

id Software has some talented developers, that’s the bottom line. They know how to craft a story and pack it full of heart pumping action.


I believe this is their most recent game and it came out on consoles first. It has it all, vehicle combat, immerse first person shooting, a huge game world, and insane graphics. It is an apocalypse type setting game environment. It is set in the future after an asteroid hits earth. That leads to the world becoming a vast, desolate wasteland. If you’ve seen the Mad Max movie that came out recently that will give you an idea of what it is like. Humanity is trying to rebuild and there’s lots of raiders and unruly gangs competing with each other. There is also a totalitarian regime called the Authority that is trying to rule everyone with an iron fist.

I think one of the best parts of RAGE is the graphics. With the sound cranked up and the immersive visuals, it is a blast to play on a nice TV. If you get the PC version, make sure you have a nice pair of headphones. If you get the console version, you’ll want to buy a nice TV for gaming.


Doom ClassicThis is a classic. It is one of the best first person shooters of all time. It virtually invented the FPS genre.The plot is simple. Scientists discovered a way to unlock the gates to Hell. You play the lone space marine that takes on the forces of Hell. Not only is it an action game, it also is very spooky. There are many moments you will get frightened when playing this game. Even though the series is so old, it is still a blast to play. If you haven’t played the games, set aside a few evenings and work your way through the heart pounding action. I still remember this being one of the first computer games I ever played. My dad and I played through the game and it is one of my best memories as a kid.

Doom GameplayThis game was followed by DOOM II in 1994 and DOOM III in 2004. It is getting rebooted and will be released in 2016, published by Bethesda Studios the people who helped with Bioshock and other cool games.

id Software’s Other Games

About Quake

Quake 3 SymbolThe original Quake game was released in June of 1996. The series have developed and grown a lot since then. There were two mission packs released for the first game. Quake II also had two mission packs. The last Quake game was Quake 4 released in 2005. I’m hoping they will release a Quake 5 someday. Wikipedia has a page about the Quake Series here.

Quake 3 Arena and eSports

Quake 3 Arena may have been the most successful of the series. It had a big focus on multiplayer. They didn’t do a single player campaign in Quake 3. It just had a single player mode where you fought against bots. Strafe jumping and rocket jumping mechanics really helped make the multiplayer modes competitive. Quake 3 saw a lot of action in eSports. There were big tournaments like QuakeCon, Electronic Sports World Cup, and Cyberathlete Professional Leagues.

You may have heard of a little developer company by the name of id Software. They are the creator of the Quake Series. They are also behind the Doom series, which by the way a new Doom game is on its way. These are first person shooters but Quake is especially known for its intense multiplayer deathmatches. Some people attribute Quake to being one of the first eSport games because there was a lot of Quake tournaments back in the day.

Quake is now a free to play game. You can easily join matches in seconds after registering. Check out to get in on the action. I’ve played Quake live more than I care to admit. It is really fun the action is fast paced compared to a game like Counterstrike where there is a lot of wait time.

About Quake